Saturday, 18 December 2010

1st year Lingerie Project

Being inspired by architectures, this project was meant to be structural.
I had developed more than 100 designs from my visual research.
Then I chose this one to make, which concludes many cubes made out of clear plastic material.
For these cubes, I first cut out a template to make a cube.
Secondly, I drew the template onto the clear plastic material.
Thirdly, I cut out holes on it.
Then I cut the shape out and fold the lines.
Finally I used PVA glue to stick the edges together to make a cube.




Close up

This was a group project. There were 6 of us and we had the choice to make swim wear, rain wear, lingerie and something else which I cannot remember too clearly now. We decided to make lingerie. Each of us had to produce one outfit to create one collection.

This is the one I designed and made.
The cubes were really fragile. 
You could probably see from the images.

The photoshoot did not go so well, because I was in a rush and did not prepare so well.
This is the only picture I like from all the pictures I took.
It was also because it was lingerie, we could only do the shoot indoors.
So the light was bad, the location was in a student hall which was really limited.

The model was a friend of one of my group member's.
I cannot even recall her name now.
Could anyone who knows it please let me know?

Let me know what you think. :) xoxo

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