Thursday, 23 December 2010

Playful dress-one week project

This is a one week project I did in the first week of my 2nd year in University.
We didn't get any help from any tutors, 
as they said we would learn more by figuring everything out by ourselves.
Oh well, I must say they proved their point.

It was hard, very hard.
I struggled a lot because I was aiming so high.
However, I proved myself that I could do it.
Even there was only a week time,
I managed to design, pattern cut and sew the garment up.

This design was inspired by one of my favourite brands- Mercibeaucoup!
It is a very playful and fun clothing brand.
Check it out on google if you are into playful stuff!

In the 'A magazine' we designed and made in Summer 2010,
I have put Mercibeaucoup! in ''one of my favourite designer'' section.
In this one week project we were asked to pick anything from the magazine,
and design from it.
I am personally a colourful and happy person,
I think it starts to show through my designs from here.

Have a browse:

Designer: Yingxin Jiang
Photographer: Yingxin Jiang
Model: Sara Llompart
Make-up: Yingxin Jiang

In this garment, I have designed 3 pieces of collars.
There is one mandarin collar and 2 pieces of peter pan collars.
You may not see them very well in the photographs though.
I have chosen a Neon yellow PVC to make the shoulder bit,
and I use the wrong side to make the collars.
I like the fact that you still can see the neon yellow colour of the collar from some angles.
On the main body the navy blue jersey creates a slim silhouette.
I also designed 2 beige colour lining panels on both sides,
which I think it's a nice combination to the jersey material.
By the way, the jersey i used here is not the thin one,
but it's the sweat shirt type.
I used the same type of material for the skirt too.

What do you think?